Interactive galleries on Automobiles, Fun Science, Energy & Climate Change !


The Science Centre has 4 Galleries on different subjects.



The 600 sq.m. gallery comprises of interesting exhibits in the form of interactive, keosks, cut section models providing opportunities to peep into automobiles, 3D dioramas and exhibits explaining how automobile stuffs like spark plug, injector, silencers, wipers etc. work. Opportunity for virtual driving, testing your skills normally used in driving and activities on making of an automobile will certainly enthuse visitors.



In this exposition, spread over 400sq,m., various forms of energy, their production and practical applications, environmental issues, world energy reserves and future sources of energy are explained through various interactive exhibits, working models and multimedia presentation with added components in them.


Fun Science

The Fun Science Gallery, spread over an area of 600 sq m, is full of opportunities for visitors to interact, explore and experience various aspects of science in highly entertaining ambience. Most of the exhibit here are participatory which provide hands-on and minds-on experience to visitors and helps to clear basic concepts of Science.



The temporary exhibition on Climate Change explains the natural volvanic erruptions, Earths tilt, continental drift and manmade causes like green house effect, deforestation, suggesting climate change and its consequences on land, air, ice, ocean and inhabitants of Earth. Visitor can learn about difference between weather and factors affecting climate, interaction between components of climate system etc. are also explained.